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Today, September 4, is my birthday!!!! I turned 8 years old today.  I have so much to be thankful for and have done soooo much in my short 8 years. From the Puppy Bowl, to Dr. Katy, to driving mycool car, to learning how to spell, read and add….I am so grateful for such a colorful life! I get to go to school several times a week, I get to visit libraries once a month and I get to hang out at the YMCA once a month. My siblings are very challenged with different health ailments and I support them and go with them to their vet visits when I can. I am happy school is starting, it is a welcomed distraction. (i eat things I shouldn’t when I get stressed or bored) I looked forward to catching up with my peeps!!!!

jacksons bday picture

                                                                              My Birthday Picture taken today






Pictures of Georgia…I miss her

wagon ride               20151114_151942IMG_5290          IMG_3507                                                                                                                         

Happy Day! Summer is ahead!!!!!

 jackson and finn

Finn is my buddy…check out his story by searching Prayers for Finn on Facebook.

jackson at comicon jackson as super man  IMG_9996 0607131034 0607131032b 0607131032a

20170520_145928    20170519_185901 20170519_185826

Above, I got to help my friend Allison with her Focus project

20170519_174428 20170519_164151 20170519_154033

Above, I worked at the health fair prior to the MCM historic half marathon


I got to meet R2D2 at the NOVA Maker Fair!


Got to drive my car too!!!!


Jimi  (above)

Driving my car in Fredericksburg, Virginia (below)

Remember…..Summer is approaching.  Read a new book every week! and play out side. Go Swimming, go boating, go biking, go hiking!


Jackson’s Top Ten Places he likes to go and things to do:

10. Meeting Dr. Katy of The Pet Show! (This is a link to my interview with Dr. Katy)

9. Driving in Fredericksburg

8. Helping my sister, T and going to Richmond’s special vet with Georgia

7. Hanging out at the Elite Academy

6. Being best friends with Mr. Peabody. He has adjusted well.

5. Driving to New Mexico to hang out with my Aunt and cousins……we got to meet Jimmy Don of Fixer Upper at Magnolia Farms, and I got to go to an alien museum!

4. Driving

3. Hanging out with mom and grandmas and grandpas

2. Hanging out at the YMCA and helping to teach about water

1. Helping my friend Finn and playing super man

MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  I know you can.

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