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The most current Harry Potter Book: The Cursed Child by JK Rowling

The book is good…and an easy read. Those well versed with Harry Potter will enjoy the continuance. Those who have never read any Harry Potter books will want to read others to get some of the inside scoops hinted at in the book.  The book is written in play form, which makes it unique. As a parent that had children grow up with Harry Potter, I could identify with Harry’s problems as an adult and parent.  I feel I have always been able to identify with Harry.  My children feel like he is aging with them. I look forward to the second half of the story.

My favorite books:

1) Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

A timeless classic

2) The Land of Stories Series by Chris Colfer

This series takes a set of twins into the Fairy Tale Kingdom.  Here they have adventures galore and learn things about their family they never knew.  They also find inner strength to fight the enemies that threaten the very world they love.

3) Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Hard Luck by Jeff Kinney

This seems to be the favorite among us guys, especially in the middle schools.  It is relatively easy to read and is very funny.  I feel sorry for the poor dude…he needs a dog/friend.

4) Pigeon books are hilarious…all of them

5) Jackson’s current favorites….”If you give a Mouse an IPhone” and “Good Night IPad” both by Anne Droid.  These two books are parodies to        “Good-Night Moon” and “If you give a Mouse a Cookie”.

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