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My recent TV appearance on The Pet Show with Dr. Katy!



Jackson’s furry family: (top to bottom) Jimi, Zoey, Jackson, Lyra and Georgia


This is my 2014 Christmas picture, taken at England Run Library.



IMG_7853    This is my Halloween costume for 2014…I am Dr. “Who-ofs”.  I have my own TARDIS and Fez!!!!!


IMG_0090 IMG_0077 IMG_0073 IMG_0031


Running a 2k at the Marine Corp Marathon, just for Service and Therapy dogs was AWESOME!!!! The gentleman holding me is Jim Stanek with his wife Lindsey.  Jim Stanek was a volunteer firefighter in NYC who assisted in the cleanup after 9/11 and then served three tours with the Army in Iraq. He returned home with TBI and PTSD and ran into a series of roadblocks and red tape while trying to get a service dog. That experience inspired Jim and Lindsey to found Paws and Stripes. Paws and Stripes is a Charity that trains adopted dogs and pairs them with veterans at little to no cost.  There is a show on A & E to air Veterans Day called Dogs of War.  This run was truly an honor!!!!!

IMG_0093    Standing proud in Washington, D.C.  in front of the Washington monument (even though you can’t see it)

IMG_0111  My first official paddle board outing at Fawn Lake….very choppy but my mom says I did really well!!!


Last Night Aug 14…..at Abel Lake in Stafford

IMG_0548  What a Ride!!!!!!! I can do this!!!!!!!


Dr. Who!  My hero!!!!!!


IMG_5064 A Salute to all service humans and dogs….taken at Va. Tech

This summer's adventure...learning to swim and ride on a boogie board! Seriously?

This summer’s adventure…learning to swim and ride on a boogie board! Seriously?

I think I almost have this boogie boarding mastered!

I think I almost have this boogie boarding mastered!

IMG_2482  IMG_2450 Celebrating my Birthday at the “Moo Thru” near Warrenton, Va. and at my favorite visiting house, Greenfield Assisted living in Fredericksbug, Va. Jackson in his super hero costume!     I

Love to Read!  

IMG_2194       The before picture    IMG_2206

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